Fixed Glass Pergola

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Front Side:
Back Side:
Left Side:
Right Side:

Ceiling: Fixed glass
Laminated glass (6mm + 1.5mm + 6mm)
Double glass (double), its thickness protects it from any cracking or cracking.
Insulator for any external sounds
The possibility of adding a reflective glass visor to see.
It withstands high temperatures and is an excellent insulator to rain, dirt and dust.
Spot LED lighting (Samsung) integrated with the ceiling, controlled by a remote control.
A movable roof with a high-quality Somfy motor (French made), with a remote control

The structure:
100% aluminum (columns, rain filter, all its components) dyed with electrostatic powder coating (the same as car paint) that protects it from rust.
The screws are galvanized, which makes them resistant to corrosion or rust.
Top tubes are installed every 90 cm
The pergola is fixed from the back directly to the wall or by rear pillars, the roof of which is sloping in the direction of the front.
Rainwater is transferred from the roof to the filter, to the pillars, and then to the ground.