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This type of moving umbrellas is characterized by a unique design, just like a cassette tape, for example, when the umbrella cloth shrinks or rises, the front arms move and shrink in a unique and smooth movement into the wallet, such as a cassette tape that enters his wallet, which helps protect the umbrella from friction and being affected by external factors, making it live It is very long and does not expose it to damage when not used for a long period of time, and this type of umbrellas show the charming beauty and captivating view of the eyes.
In addition, the parachute can be opened and closed back and forth by the electric control of the Remont
These movable umbrellas are used in many places and locations with large outdoor terraces in homes (balconies) or large outdoor spaces.
Control the closure of the roof with remote control
The motor and the remote control are a French-made Somfy brand
Tendon sections are all completely stainless steel
The aluminum is dyed with a thermal dye, which gives a longer service life and completely protects it from rust
Acrylic cloth, Spanish industry, with multiple colors and choices
Warranty is 3 years on the remote and motor